Jiuzhaigou Long Lake

Located at the end of Ze Cha Wa Valley, the crescent-shaped Long Lake (Chang Hai) is over 100 meters deep, it is at the highest altitude and has the widest surface area of all Jiuzhai Valley’s lakes. This is the highest point visitors will reach in the park. Its water appears ink blue, and the surrounding peaks are snow-capped for much of the year. Surrounded by thick forests, it collects snow melt and rain flow from the surrounding peaks. In winter the frozen surface ice can be as thick as 60 cm.

At the north end of the lake at the viewing platform is the Single Armed Old Man (Du Bi Lao Ren) Cypress tree. It is striking since one side is full of branches and leaves while the other side has none.

Altitude 3,100 m, length 5k m, width 600 m, area 93,000 sq.m.

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