Jiuzhaigou Five-Flower Lake

Five Flower Lake (Wǔhuā Hǎi), also known as Peacock Lake, is a shallow multi-colored lake whose bottom is criss-crossed by ancient fallen tree trunks. It lies at the end of the upper reach of Peacock River, 2,472 meters above the sea level and five meters in depth. Most of the colorful leaves are gathered in the lakefront and interlaced as brocades. The water that contains calcium carbonate as well as hydrophytes with different colors presents a versicolor sight, azure blue, blackish green and light yellow, etc, so it is named Five Flower Lake. The local people say that it is a holy lake, and where there is the water, there must be flourishing flowers and trees. When looking down from the mountain, you will find that the lake with hills on three sides is just like a huge upended cucurbit pouring colorful water to the lower place.

Peculiarly, there is a pattern of a deer's leg in the abdomen of the cucurbit, 10 meters  or so. The whole pattern is light green, while the middle part presents dark green due to the quincunx-shaped pits of the terrain of the lake bed. So the pattern is really like a spotted deer. The legend said that the deity of all mountains hurt the holy deer.

Altitude 2,472m, depth 5m, area 90,000 sq.m. 

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